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Filling Farm and agriculture jobs are our specialities. We make sure you have the workers you need to keep your business working efficiently. No need to spend company time searching for those laborers and specialists, we arrange the recruitment for you.

HaWaYa has developed strong employment relationships and connections to the agricultural industry. Our resources and experience enable us to effectively recruit the right staff for your company operation.

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Staff We Provide

  • Site Supervisors
  • Farmer
  • Packer
  • General Labourers
  • Skilled Labourers

For Business

Are you a Farm Owner or Manager looking for experienced workers? Register your details and job requirements with us.

More reliable & productive staff
HaWaYa specializes in sourcing seasonal, short term and more permanent workers for farms, station work, agricultural seeding and harvesting positions. We can meet your staffing requirements.
HaWaYa will source candidates, perform background checks, and confirm relevant experience when necessary, providing you with the most suitable applicants.

Reduce your time
It takes time to find good help, time that could be spent on running your business. HaWaYa Labour Hire gets the people you need to work your land, without fuss, without wasted time.
Improve your productivity while spending less time recruiting. Your needs change as the seasons change, and it can be unrealistic to keep full-time staff on hand. Use us to find workers as your industry requires them.


Need to source suitable staff or short term laborers?
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